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How to Neutralize Yellow using Blue Based Ash Blonde Colors

The best toners can neutralize Yellow remarkably effectively. Find out whether you need pure ash, blue ash or violet to color correct your hair.

Which developer strength should I use? - Complete Guide for Colorists

We Answer the 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Developer Choice.

How to Bleach Hair to Level 10

Bleaching Tips for You: the Correct Way to Pre-lighten Hair to Level 10

What are the Best Blue & Purple Toners to Neutralize Yellow & Orange Hair?

Professional Hair Color Tutorial - Using Blue & Purple Toners in Your Salon

How to make Grey Hair White

Salon Tips: How to Get Grey Hair or Salt & Pepper Hair to White Blonde

How to Get your Hair Blonde Without Bleach - Detailed Application Tips for Professionals

These are the Application Tips & Tricks Which Are Going to Make the Difference

How to Get Ash Blonde Hair from Yellow

How to Get Ash Blonde Hair from Yellow at Home - Steps, Tutorial & Video

How Does Hair Color Work? How does Ugly Duckling Color Work?

How Permanent Hair Color Works & Ugly Duckling Color Technology Explained

Are Your Products Cruelty Free?

Cruelty Free | Vegan | Ethical | Organic

How To Use Rainbow Color

Rainbow Color | Long Lasting Treatment Color

7 Best Hair Colors in 2021 & How You Can Achieve Them

Looking to do a hair color change in your salon? Check out from our list of 7 trending salon colors

strawberry blonde
tone down color

Should I be a booth renter or a commission stylist?

As a hair stylist, you need to choose between renting a chair or working on commission. Here, we discuss the pros & cons of both & help you come to a decision.

booth renter
commission stylist