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Argan Oil Miracle


  1. Shinier Hair 
    Argan Oil conditions the hair shaft during the coloring process, leading to cuticles which are better closed. This makes the hair shaft shinier. After blow-drying and brushing, the hair takes takes on an even glossier appearance. Recommended for all women who color their hair frequently.

  2. Softer Hair
    The Argan Oil acts not only on the cuticle of the hair, it also penetrates into the cortex during the coloring. This makes the hair quality softer after the coloring process. Women who try Ugly Duckling Hair Color always notice that the hair is indeed softer after coloring compared to before coloring.

  3. Repairs Brittle Hair
    Because the Argan Oil enters into the cortex during the coloring process, it "plumps" the hair from inside and makes the hair fibre less brittle. The Argan Oil helps repair the brittle parts, whether they occur on the ends, in the case of long hair, or mid-lengths, as is sometimes the case with permed or relaxed hair.

  4. Makes Ends Stronger
    The end of the hair is the oldest part of the hair and tends to be particularly thin and worn. A visit to the stylist and a regular trim at the ends is generally what women do about this. But Argan Oil-based color acts on the ends too and helps make them stronger, making a visible difference. Because of Argan Oil, women can grow their hair longer and keep the ends in better condition.

  5. More Even Color Deposit
    Because the hair shaft has been strengthened from the inside, the whole process of coloring works better. The natural pigments can be lightened at a more even rate, and re-pigmentation takes place in a more even way. Result: a more consistent, regular color, more uniform from roots to ends.

  6. More Vibrant Color
    This is the best part. Because the hair is in better condition, and because the color molecules are more evenly deposited, women who use Ugly Duckling Color on their hair get a much, much more vibrant hair color result. Whether it is a rich brown, or an intense violet, or an ash blonde, the result is a true color which everyone will sit up and notice. Better hair care leads to better hair color.

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