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The Hair Color Wheel Explained - The Secrets of Color Neutralization & Tone Correction

Use Color Wheel Principles to Fix Red, Orange, Yellow & Brassy Hair. Your Tone Correction & Color Correction Problems Solved!

Hair Color Wheel & Color Wheel Toners
Toned Hair - No Yellow

How to get rid of brassy hair

Learn how to get rid of brassy tones with these professional hair tips

Brassy Hair - Orange and Yellow on Left
Warm Brassy Hair

Which developer strength should I use? - Complete Guide for Colorists

How do I choose my developer strength? Answers below, whether you're using color, high lift color. toner or bleach.

What are the Best Blue Toners to Neutralize Yellow & Orange Hair?

Professional Hair Color Tutorial - Using Blue & Purple Toners in Your Salon

Your 20 most frequently asked questions about bleaching - answered!

The 20 most frequently asked questions about bleaching including: Should I use 20 or 30 Vol developer? How should I mix the bleach with the developer? What is the right ratio? How do I apply? How long do I leave the bleach in?

Dark Regrowth & Brassy Roots Need Lifting
Hair Bleach Applied on the Scalp Area - No Damage Because of Bond Protect

How to Neutralize Red & Orange Hair with Ash & Green

Using Green based, Blue & Ash Toners to Kill Red & Orange - Learn How!

Red and Orange Hair - Before
After - Neutralized with Ash and Green

How To Turn Yellow Hair into a Level 10 Ash Blonde

The best ash blonde toners for blonde hair. Get Rid of Yellow, Brassy & Orange Using This Simple Hack!

Brassy Hair In Need of Lifting & Toning
Perfectly Lifted & Toned Hair

How To Bleach Dark or Black Hair Blonde - in 1 Sitting Only!

Going from black to blonde within 24 hours? Just follow our Foolproof Salon Technique & you can learn How to Bleach Dark Brown or Black Hair

Dark Virgin Hair Before Bleaching
White Blonde Hair After Bleaching & Toning

What Happens If You Put Too Much Developer Into Your Dye?

What happens if you put more color than developer - and other classic stylist screw ups.

Choosing the Correct Developer to Color Mix is Important for the Hair Color Result
Correct Mix Ratios Lead to Vibrant Color Results

How to Color Hair Professionally Step by Step

Best step by step guide to get a professional color result using professional dyes. Developer choice, Color Mix, Bleaching Strategy, Toning All Covered.

Measure Color and Developer Quantities to Get the Right Mix
Be generous when applying color & Saturate well

Will a 30 Volume Developer Lighten Your Hair?

When and How to Use 30 Vol Developer with Bleaches, Color & Toner

5 Ways to Take Grey Hair Blonde

Cover Up Grey Hair by Taking it Blonde - You Can Do This Today!

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