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How to Cover Orange Hair - Ugly Duckling Color

Are you a victim of brassy, orange hair? Or are you stylist who has to deal with this in your salon? Here, tips on how to fix orange hair, including what color covers orange hair and different toner options.

How to Use Purple Shampoo and Mask as a Hair Toner

Purple Shampoos & Masks are extremely useful in keeping blonde hair white & bright. Learn how you can use them to improve your hair color and condition.

Purple Shampoo and Mask
Hair Toned with Purple Shampoo and Mask

How exactly do professional stylists get platinum white blonde hair?

Are you looking to get platinum blonde hair? Learn how to achieve this very glamorous look & maintain it!

White Platinum Blonde Hair
Ultra White Platinum Blonde Hair

High Lift Color versus Bleach - Which is Better for Me?

When do I use High Lift Color? And when do I Use Bleach?

The best hair toners to get hair blonde in 2021

Best Hair toners for Blonde Hair & How to Use Them

Toner before and after

Argan Oil And Hair Color - The Ultimate Guide for Hair Professionals

Treatment Hair Color with Argan Oil

The Ugly Duckling Hair Color Chart Explained

How the Ugly Duckling Hair Color Shade Chart Works | Hair Color Levels & Reflects

Hair Color Levels & Their Underlying Pigments
Hair Color Chart

Will a 30 Volume Developer Lighten Your Hair?

When and How to Use 30 Vol Developer with Bleaches, Color & Toner

How to Tone Away Yellow Hair

Real Hairdresser Hacks To Get Any Hair to Ash Blonde Hair from Yellow!

Yellow Hair in Need of Toning
Yellow Hair Before & After

6 Blonde Hair Shadow Root Looks You Can Create in Your Salon Today

Blonde Shadow Roots are Trending Right Now. Stylists say they are Better than Balayage or Highlights. You decide!

Dark Blonde Shadow Root
Purple blonde shadow root

How to lighten dark hair without bleach

Step by Step Guide to Lifting Dark Hair Without Bleach

How to Bleach Dark Roots Blonde

Learn How to Lift Dark Roots & Take Them Blonde