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2 ways to use Blue Based Ash blonde Hair Toners

Did you know you can use blue ash blonde hair toners in 2 ways depending on your hair color objectives? Learn more in this blog

How to Tone Yellow Hair: Step-by-Step Explanation with Pictures

Follow These Steps & You Can Tone Away Any Yellow Hair & Make it Blonde

Yellow Hair in Need of Toning
Yellow Hair Before & After

How do get platinum blonde hair from yellow?

Are you looking to get platinum blonde hair? Learn how to achieve this very glamorous look & maintain it!

White Platinum Blonde Hair
Ultra White Platinum Blonde Hair

How The Hair Color Number System Works

Hair Color Levels and Reflects

Tackling Orange Tones in Hair: 2 Simple Solutions for Hairdressers

What color to put over orange bleached hair.

Which developer strength should I use? A complete guide for colorists

How do I choose my developer strength? Answers below, whether you're using color, high lift color. toner or bleach.

Will a 30 Volume Developer Lighten Your Hair?

When and How to Use 30 Vol Developer with Bleaches, Color & Toner

5 Ways to Take Grey Hair Blonde

Cover Up Grey Hair by Taking it Blonde - You Can Do This Today!

Which toner should I use?

What color toner should you use? Make the right choice with Our Hair Toner Guide

Which toner should I use for yellow hair?

Using Hair toners to get rid of yellow & get to ash blonde

5 Blonde Shadow Root Looks You Can Create Today

Blonde Shadow Roots & Smudge Roots are Trending Right Now. Learn How to do One Today! Recipes, Tips & Tricks

Dark Blonde Shadow Root
Purple blonde shadow root

How to Use Purple Shampoo and Mask as a Hair Toner

Purple Shampoos & Masks are extremely useful in keeping blonde hair white & bright. Learn how you can use them to improve your hair color and condition.

Purple Shampoo and Mask
Hair Toned with Purple Shampoo and Mask

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