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Home / Blog/ Argan Oil And Hair Color - The Ultimate Guide for Hair Professionals
Home Blog Argan Oil And Hair Color - The Ultimate Guide for Hair Professionals
Hair Color enriched with Argan Oil

Argan Oil And Hair Color - The Ultimate Guide for Hair Professionals


Why Use Argan Oil For Hair Color? 

  • Argan Oil, sometimes known as Moroccan Oil, is a product of the Moroccan Argan tree. It has been called “Liquid Gold” by the haircare industry, because its benefits are truly amazing.
  • It is easily absorbed by the hair cuticles, nourishing dry hair and making hair shine with health and radiance.
  • It contains vitamin E and fatty acids and it helps to smooth even the frizziest of hair and it restores bounce, giving an immediate and dramatic impact on the hair.
  • Hair coloring using oxidative dyes, if done incorrectly, can impose stress on your hair.
  • But when Argan Oil is used in the coloring process, it penetrates the hair at the cortex level, giving profound benefits during and after the hair color process.

Hair Color with Argan Oil

Ugly Duckling - Hair Color with Argan Oil.

Benefits of Argan Oil When Coloring

1. Shinier Hair

The oil helps to close the hair cuticles after coloring. This makes the hair shaft shinier. After blow dry and brushing, the effect is even more pronounced.

2. Softer Hair

The Argan Oil also penetrates into the cortex during the coloring process. This makes the hair quality softer after the coloring.

3. Repairs Brittle Hair

Because the Argan Oil enters into the cortex during the coloring process, it "plumps" the hair from inside and makes the hair fibre, making it less brittle in the process. The Argan Oil helps repair the brittle parts, whether they occur on the ends, in the case of long hair, or mid-lengths, as is sometimes the case with permed or relaxed hair.

4. Makes Ends Stronger, Particularly on Long Hair

Women are growing their hair longer and longer these days. The end of the hair is the oldest part of the hair and as a result tends to be particularly thin and worn. A visit to the stylist and a regular trim at the ends s generally what women do about this. But  Argan Oil-based color does act here and does the plumping here, making a visible difference. By using Ugly Duckling color, you can grow your hair longer and still keep the ends in good condition.

5. More Even Color Deposit

Because the hair shaft has been strengthened from the inside, the whole process of coloring works better. The natural pigments can be lightened at a more even rate, and re-pigmentation takes place in a more even way. Result: a more consistent, regular color, more uniform from roots to ends.

6. More Vibrant Color

Because the hair is in better condition, and because the color molecules are more evenly deposited, women who use Ugly Duckling Color on thair hair get a much more vibrant hair color result. Whether it is a rich brown, or an intense violet, or a true cold ash, the result is a true color that s richer, shinier and more vibrant. 

To view the choice of hair color available with Argan oil, please visit our Shop Now Page.

7. Mixing Argan Oil into Color Applications

If you are looking for extra conditioning, you can mix Argan Oil into the hair color and chemical straightening or perming applications. This will give a spectacular boost in the degree of conditioning that you are giving your customer.

This is particularly recommended for bleach and perm applications.

We suggest adding around 15 ml, or 1 tablespoon of Argan oil into the mix of 1 Ugly Duckling hair color tube (3.5 oz) and 200 ml of developer (7 oz)

Which Ugly Duckling products contain Argan Oil?

All our hair colors contain Argan Oil.

So do all our high lift blonding toners.

Our new liquid toners (Blondify) also contain Argan oil. 

So do all our hair care products.

About the author

Sally has been a hair colorist and trainer for many years in both the US & Europe. She currently does hair color training for Ugly Duckling. She also helps develop new & awesome products for the brand.