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5 Actionable Tips for Taking Grey Hair Blonde


Covering Grey Hair

As any colorist will be able to attest, it is far more challenging to cover grey hair when the hair is dark as compared to when it is light.

The reason is that when the hair is dark, the white hair stands out against the dark much much more.

Taking grey hair blonde 

That is why one solution we like to recommend is to lift the base until it is blonde.

When you do so, the blonde hair blends into white much more seamlessly.

Also, it is a chance for you as the colorist to show your skills and do something a little different from the regular root touch-up.

In this blog we are going to show you 5 different ways you can do this.

1. Using Extra Coverage Blonde to Blend Away Grey 

This one will work when your client has a fairly light base - say level 7 and up.

In such cases, you can use Ugly Duckling's Extra Coverage Blonde Shades like 9NN and 8NN to seamlessly cover grey and keep it beautifully blonde.

We generally recommend that use the extra coverage shade at a level slightly lighter than the client's natural color.

In so doing, you will be lifting her hair up a notch and covering grey at the same time.

Ugly Duckling's extra coverage shades carry extra pigments, or base, which help to re-pigment the white hair.

Here we have used a 8NN to cover our client's grey hair.

Hair by K&K Hair Salon, Sanford, NC

Using Extra Coverage For Grey Hair Coverage

2. Blending Grey Hair Away with HighLift Colors

Another solution which works very well when the hair is very slightly darker, and you need to lift the hair up is to use Ugly Duckling's High Lift Colors with 30 Vol developer.

In the video below, Elona Taki uses Ugly Duckling's 100.11 with 30 Vol developer on the base to lift up the client's regrowth area.

She then refreshed the already blonde lengths for 5 minutes to make the whole thing consistent.

Hair by Elona Taki

Watch video now:

3. Dark Color on Regrowth, Blonde on Lengths

Sometimes you can have a client who has dark hair, & you want to take her blonde - or you persuade her to go blonde, at least on the lengths.

Believe it or not, this works very well to take they eye away from the grey hair and helps produce a much younger looking final result.

Hair by Elona Taki

Watch video below now:

4. Taking Grey Hair Platinum Grey Blonde

More and more clients these days want to go ultra white blonde.

Clients who have a lot of grey hair (70% and up) should consider this seriously, as it is a great look.

Use a good quality bleach to lift the hair as light as possible.

Then use intense pearl blonde to tone.

Finish off with Ugly Duckling's Purple Shampoo & Mask.

You will end up with a brilliant white hair color result. See images below:

Hair by Bozey Tedstone.

Going Platinum White to Cover Grey

Platinum White Blonde

5. Shadow Root, Toned Blonde Lengths

Our last technique involves the use of several products to lift and color a client with dark hair who had around 20% grey hair at the root area.

We used Brilliant Blondexx Bleach with Bond Protect to lift her dark base, then 5N on the root area to cover and color her base.

Then silver blonde toner 10B with 9.23 for the lengths.

Hair by Ashley Betancourt.

Watch video now:

About the author

Sally has been a hair colorist and trainer for many years in both the US & Europe. She currently does hair color training for Ugly Duckling. She also helps develop new & awesome products for the brand.