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Blue and Violet Shadow Root

How to Do a Shadow Root in Your Salon Today!

We've created 5 shadow root looks for you with techniques and recipes!

Create these looks in your salon or even at home today!*

*Our site and our products are for licensed cosmetologists only

Look No. 1: Purple and Silver Shadow Root

Color by Elona Taki

Violet and Silver Blended Root

Violet & Silver

Picture from @connerlayne 

  • This look, created by Elona Taki went viral on the internet.
  • It is a stunning look which at the same time is surprisingly quite easy to create and wear.
  • Thanks to Ugly Duckling color technology, the colors do not stain or run into each other.

Watch The Full Tutorial Now & Create this Look! 

Products Used

  • Brilliant Blonde with 30 Vol to lift the hair all the way up to a very pale yellow.
  • Violet mixed with 100.20 (2 parts 100.20, 1 part Violet) on the roots - 20 Vol Developer.
  • 100.20 with 20 Vol on the ends.
  • Taper between the 2 areas.

What You Need to Get This Technique Right

  • Make sure you lift the hair really, really well.
  • We really recommend you use Ugly Duckling's bleaches, either Brilliant Blonde or the new Bond Protect Brilliant Blondexx.
  • Use either of these bleaches and please make sure you get the hair up to a consistent level 10.
  • Next, mix 2 parts 100B (Intense Silver Blonde Toner) with 1 part Violet.
  • Add in your 20 Vol developer in a ratio of 1 part total quantity of color used to 1 part developer.
  • Apply this mix to your root area.
  • Now make a separate mix with a clean brush and bowl of 100B (Intense Silver Blonde Toner) with 20 Vol, again 1:1 mix.
  • Apply this to the lengths. 
  • Ugly Duckling's colors do not stain or run. You should find that the mix is sufficiently thick and the colors will stay where you put them during the processing time.
  • After 30 minutes, rinse with tepid water, if possible cool at first.
  • Take care not to rub the hair at the beginning: just let the color run out.
  • Only rub at the end to wash out all the color.
  • Towel dry and blow dry as normal.

Look No. 2: Subtle Blonde Shadow Root

Color by Elona Taki

Subtle Blonde Shadow Root

Shadow Root

  • Sali came in with a very large regrowth area and bleached end - it had been a while that she had not colored!
  • She wanted a shadow root.
  • We were able to add some light brown, dark blonde on the root area blending into a white blonde at the ends.
  • We did not need to use any bleach on the root area.

Watch The Full Tutorial Now & Create this Look! 

Products Used:

  • 5.11, 6N, 100.21 (100V) Intense Pearl Blonde Toner, 20 Vol Developer.

How to Get the Technique Right:

  • Apply 5.11 with 20 Vol on the first 4 inches of the root area.
  • Apply 6N with 20 Vol on the rest of the regrowth.
  • Remember to interweave between the 5.11 section and the 6N section in order to achieve a seamless transition.
  • With a separate brush and a new bowl, apply 100V Intense Pearl Blonde Toner with 20 Vol on to the ends.
  • Processing time was around 30 minutes for the dark colors, around 15 minutes on the already pre-lightened ends.
  • We rinsed.
  • Finally, Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo was applied, rubbed in for 5 minutes to equalize the whole hair and rinsed.
  • Purple Shampoo is often very useful when doing shadow roots as it helps you achieve a smooth transition between areas.
  • The shampoo as well as the interrweaving also helps you avoid any visible line of demarcation.

Look no 3. Blonde Shadow Root on a Very Dark Base

Color by Ashley Betancourt

Blonde Shadow Root

  • Chrystelle has naturally very dark thick hair.
  • She had also previous color application on her hair which was now fading out.
  • She was looking to go blonde with a nice shadow root.
  • Given Chrystelle's hair and knowing how thick it was, we decided to pre-lighten first.

Watch The Full Tutorial Now & Create this Look! 

Look no 4. Blue And Violet Silver Shadow Root.

Hair Color by Elona Taki.

  • This look is a variant of the Purple and Silver Shadow Root Look at the top of the page.
  • It is important to be creative with your clients & try new looks - they will love you for it!
  • And always remember that Ugly Duckling colors do not stain or bleed, making the creation of shadow root looks easy.

Blue and Silver Shadow Root

Watch The Full Tutorial Now & Create this Look! 

Products Used:

  • Brilliant Blondexx Bleach and 20 Vol to pre-lighten
  • Violet & Blue hair colors
  • Purple Shampoo to tone

Tips to Get this Look Right:

  • We lifted Sadie's hair with Brilliant Blondexx Bond Protect Bleach
  • As you can see, the hair was very well lifted - all the way to level 10.
  • After lifting, apply Violet mixed with Blue ( we used a mix of 2 parts Violet to 1 part Blue)
  • Add in your developer in a mix of 1 part total color quantity used to 1 part developer.
  • Process 30 minutes to get it really vibrant.
  • Add Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo for the last 10 minutes & rub really thoroughly.
  • The purple pigments in the shampoo will help tone the hair and unify it, which is really important when you do a shadow root.

Look no 5. Blonde Shadow Root on a Very Dark Base

Hair Color by Ashley Betancourt.

  • This is another blonde shadow root that our stylist did on a very dark base.
  • There are fewer products used, which means you can go faster in the salon.
  • Once again. get the lifting part right - do that & everything will come out well!

Blonde Shadow Root

Watch The Full Tutorial Now & Create this Look! 

Products Used:

  • Brilliant Blondexx Bleach and 20 Vol to pre-lighten
  • 6N for the roots
  • 100V (100.21) for the ends

Tips to Get This Look Right:

  • Once again, as you can see, Aimee's hair was very dark indeed.
  • We lifted it with Brilliant Blonde bleach, using foils to keep the heat in & process faster.
  • Notice how finely we segmented the hair and how near the root area.
  • Notice also during bleach washing how well we saturated the hair with products.
  • After lifting, we applied 6N on the root area & 100V on the ends - both with 20 Vol.
  • After processing, we rinsed.
  • As usual, remember to let the water run before rubbing together - otherwise you could spoil your shadow root.


Use the Ugly Duckling Shadow Root Brush to achieve all the looks above!

Shadow Root Brush