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Using Purple-Based Toners to Go Blonde

If your client has unwanted brassiness or yellow undertones in their hair after bleaching, it is a good idea to tone the hair with purple based blonde colors. Purple-based toners are excellent at neutralizing these yellow blonde tones, leaving you with a beautiful, cool-toned blonde hair color. 

How Purple Toners Work on Yellow Hair: The Color Wheel.

Purple and yellow are complementary colors on the color wheel. This means that purple-based toners can counteract the yellow tones that often appear when lightening hair. When applied to blonde hair, purple-based toners work by depositing a small amount of purple pigment, neutralizing the unwanted yellow or brassy hues.

Choose from 4 Types of Purple Toners

There are different types of purple toners available. 
The different types are given below in descending degree of lift and power

Intense pearl toner 100V.

This is a purple based toner with extra lift.

Regular pearl toner 10.2 and Extra Cool Blonde 10V.

These are regular lift toners. They contain intense purple and violet pigments to tone away yellow.

Blondify natural violet toner 10V

These toners are ammonia-free. Use the violet based toner when the hair is very yellow.

Purple masks and Shampoos.

These do tone yellow hair, but as their action is on the surface of the hair only, it is best to use them as maintenance anti-yellow products to be used at home.

How to Use Purple-Based Toners 

Always bleach the hair first to get rid of as much yellow as possible.

Then choose the purple based toner that is the most applicable for you. 
Make your mix with developer and apply on towel dried hair after bleaching,

Leave on the hair for the recommended amount of time and rinse.

You can use some purple mask at this stage. It will help!

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