Intense Pearl Blonde


Intense Pearl Blonde 100.21

  • Pearl Blonde 100.21 is designed for toning prelightened hair
  • Will tone hair to a pearl-white hair color.
  • Visibly improved hair condition and softness thanks to Argan Oil.
  • Low ammonia, pleasant floral fragrance.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Paraben free.
  • Extra large 3.5 oz tube.
  • For professional use.

In order to obtain best color results with Ugly Duckling Pearl Blonde 100.21, please follow instructions below:

  • Pre-lighten hair to a level 10 (pale yellow) 
  • Mix 1 part color to 1 parts developer.
  • Use with 10 Vol. developer. You can apply directly on to wet hair.
  • Watch the color process on the hair and rinse off as soon as you attain the desired color result.
  • Avoid applying directly on the scalp area. 

What is Intense Pearl Blonde 100.21?

Pearl Blonde 100.21 is a toner. Use on pre-lightened hair to achieve ultra white blonde hair color result.

What will Intense Pearl Blonde 100.21 look like?

Pearl Blonde is the coldest of the High Lift colors and will give a pearlish/white hair color result. The tone will have minimal amounts of yellow and be extremely white in appearance. 

What will Intense Pearl Blonde 100.21 do to my hair?

Pearl Blonde toner contains pigment to help neutralize unwanted yellow tones naturally present in blonde hair, and will help ensure you get a cold, silvery blonde hair color result.

Who is Intense Pearl Blonde 100.21 suitable for?

High Lift Pearl Blonde is suitable for any woman looking to get the very white blonde look. 

What kind of Hair Coloring Technique can I use with Intense Pearl Blonde Hair Color?

Pearl Blonde works best after pre-lightening, whether the prelightening is partial or full head. Simply apply with 10 Vol to the entire head, and leave on for as long as necessary to get that white/pearl/white blonde look.