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What toner takes yellow out of blonde hair?


What is the best toner to take yellow out of blonde hair?

Yellow hair after bleaching

Yellow hair after bleaching

Blonde hair is sometimes too yellow. 

This is especially so when it has been bleached or lightened up to blonde.

This yellow is not a very attractive reflect. It's what stylists call "too warm".

Most women prefer a colder, ashier, whiter and less yellow blonde hair result.

But what is the best toner to achieve that for you or your client?

In this blog, we will tell you tell you.

Which blonde toner takes out yellow from blonde hair?

Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of toners to take away yellow from blonde hair.

Which one you use will depend on how yellow your hair is.

And what your expectations are in terms of final blonde hair color result.

Lifting toners - the strongest toners on the market

Lifting Toners

This hair was first bleached, then toned with intense pearl blonde 100V

If your hair (or your client's hair) is at a level 8, and very, very yellow, we would suggest you use a lifting toner.

Only Ugly Duckling has this type of toner.

Ugly Duckling has this type of toner in intense pearl blonde and intense silver blonde.

These toners are pretty much the strongest and the fastest acting toners on the market.

They are great at kicking out yellow and they will even lift the hair up by a level or two.

These toners are cream based toners and come in a 3 oz tube.

Use them with 20 Vol developer, in a 1 part toner to 2 parts developer ratio.

Watch carefully after applying, because they process and change color very fast.

Use the intense pearl blonde toner (Purple based toner) to get hair pearl-grey blonde.

And use the intense silver blonde toner (Blue based toner) to get the hair white-silver blonde.

Non-lifting toners - for toning blonde highlights and for refresh toning of blonde hair

Hair toned with Blondify Natural Ash Blonde

Hair toned with Blondify Natural Ash Blonde 010A

Hair toned with Natural Violet Blonde 010V

Hair toned with Natural Violet Blonde 010V

If the hair is yellow but doesn't need lifting, just toning and refreshing, we would suggest you use Blondify toners.

These toners are a great way for toning yellow blonde hair, and for refresh toning of yellow highlights.

They also work well when toning freshly bleached yellow hair.

They work in just 10 minutes. They are ammonia-free, so you can use them every few weeks to keep your hair white blonde.

Blondify toners are gel based toners and come in small 2 oz bottles.

You mix them with 10 or 20 Vol developer - whichever is more appropriate for your or your client's hair.

The mix is 1 part toner to 1 part developer. You can mix them in an applicator bottle or using a plastic mixing bowl and brush.

Use the Blondify Natural Ash Blonde (blue based) to get tone yellow and yellow-orange hair and get to ash blonde.

Use the Blondify Natural Violet blonde (purple based) to get light yellow and get to cold ash blonde or white blonde.

Purple shampoos and masks - Anti-yellow blonde maintenance

Purple Shampoo

Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo and Mask used at the backwash; and results after

The last type of toners are purple-based shampoos and masks - Ugly Duckling Brilliant Blonde.

They will only act on the surface of the hair and so they do not lift.

But they have intense purple pigments and they do a great job color correcting for yellow hair.

You can use them straight after bleaching. You can even add them in your bleach mix as in the video below.

And of course you can use them as a regular blonde maintenance products.

Just pour over the hair, rub in and leave for a few minutes. Then rinse.

Ugly Duckling Brilliant Blonde purple shampoos and masks are acidic hair care products.

Meaning that they will help keep the hair cuticles closed and the hair strong and in great condition.

They are also sulfate-free. So they won't clog up the hair.

Is hair toning damaging to hair?

Hair toner being applied on the root area

Ugly Duckling Pearl Blonde toner being applied on the yellow root area

Not if you follow some basic rules.

Only use good quality professional bleaches.

Lift once and properly to level 9 pale yellow.

Do it once and do it right would be our motto.

Then after that, you must use good quality toners.

Ugly Duckling lifting toners contain Argan Oil and other conditioning agents.

And the non-lifting toners contain both Argan Oil and Bond Protect.

They will help maintain hair intregrity through the toning process.

Is purple shampoo a toner?

Purple Shampoo

Ugly Duckling Purple Mask; and after

Yes, because it contains purple pigments and as a result it will color-correct for yellow hair.

However, it acts on the surface of the hair cuticle, and does not inside.

As a result, you can tone with purple shampoo as much as you like.

But it's better to tone with either a toner and developer combination first.

Then use purple shampoo or mask.

Should I wash my hair before toning?

It's best not to wash the hair before any chemical process.

That is because the hair's natural oils will tend to protect the scalp as you lift and tone.

Should I apply toner to wet hair or dry?

Toners can be applied on dry or wet hair

However, if it is wet, try and at least towel dry the hair to remove excess moisture.

Otherwise you will be diluting your toner and developer mix unintentionally with water!

Can I tone my hair again if it's still yellow?

Yes, you can do that. Use Blondify toners in that case.

They are non-lifting and gentle. As a result you can do repeat toning operations using this.

About the author

Sally has been a hair colorist and trainer for many years in both the US & Europe. She currently does hair color training for Ugly Duckling. She also helps develop new & awesome products for the brand.

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