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How Bond Protect Works


In the world of hair bleaching, achieving stunning results while maintaining the health and integrity of the hair is a top priority.

One essential component in this process is Bond Protect, a truly revolutionary product that plays a crucial role in safeguarding the hair's structure during bleaching treatments. As many hairdressers have discovered!

From the way it works inside a bleach to its use in hair color as well as use in haircare, we will explore how Bond Protect can elevate your bleaching experience and help you achieve gorgeous, healthy hair transformations.

Without hair breakage and scalp damage.

Introduction: Bleaching Basics and the Importance of Bond Protect

Some bleaching basics first.

Before we dive into the specifics of Bond Protect and its role in the bleaching process, it's important to have a solid understanding of the basics of hair bleaching and why it is such a sought-after technique in the world of hair transformations.

Hair bleaching is a chemical process that lightens the natural color of the hair strands. It involves the use of bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, to break down the natural pigment in the hair. This creates a blank canvas for further color treatments or allows for a lighter shade to be achieved.

However, the process of bleaching can be quite harsh on the hair, as it not only removes the pigment but also weakens the hair's structure. This can lead to various issues such as dryness, brittleness, and breakage. This is where Bond Protect comes into play.

What is Bond Protect?

Bond Protect is a specially formulated product designed to protect and strengthen the hair. The key ingredient at the heart of it is a chemical known as maleic acid. This chemical works by creating a protective barrier around the hair strands, minimizing damage and maintaining the hair's structural integrity.

The result of using this chemical is the hair is an immediate increase in the volume of hair. It is literally an increase in the diameter of hair that we are talking about. Along with this increase in the volume of the hair comes increased strength and resistance of the hair. 

New & Exciting Technology

Brilliant Blondexx Bleach

Brilliant Blondexx Bleach with Bond Protect

What Ugly Duckling has done with Brilliant Blondexx is totally new. We have built in the Bond Protect into our bleach formulation.

This means that you as the consumer or hairdresser do not need to add it in yourself. Which is of course a saving for you in time and expense.

But that's not all. Most additives on the market today reduce the lightening power of the bleach. Which is why they ask you to "bump up the volume" of your bleach when using an additive with Bond Protect.

Not so with Brilliant Blondexx. It has been designed to work with the same strength of developer that you would have used normally. You will still get the same lift.

And in fact Brilliant Blondexx is one of the most powerful bleaches on the market.

It can give you up to 7 levels of lift with this bleach, taking hair from black to blonde.


Hair by Elona Taki

A Creamier, More Oil Intense Bleach Mix

Adding it to the bleach has also allowed us to produce a creamier, more oil intense mix. You will notice the difference as soon as you add developer and start mixing together.

The mix is creamier and frothier and is quite different from regular bleach mixes.

This mix will sit better and more confortably on your client's head. She will find the product less itchy and less scratchy.


Mixing bleach with developer using Brilliant Blondexx

Thicker, fuller hair. No more breakage

Using bleach with Bond Protect will make hair thicker and fuller and will reduce the risk of thin ends and hair breakage.

Customers who use the bleach will notice the difference.

How to Use Brilliant Blondexx with Bond Protect 

Let's now go through a step-by-step guide on how to use bleach with Bond Protect to get the most out of it.

Gather the Supplies Needed for the Bleaching Process:

  • Brilliant Blondexx Bleach: Ensure you have a sufficient amount of Bond Protect for your hair length and thickness.

  • Developer: Choose the right developer strength that suits your desired level of lightening. We would suggest 20 Vol for up to 3 levels of lift as well as the root area, and 30 Vol for greater lift than 3 levels, as well as for hair that has been colored darker in the past.

  • Mixing bowl and brush: Use a clean mixing bowl and brush specifically designated for hair bleaching.

  • Gloves: Protect your hands with disposable gloves to prevent direct contact with the chemicals.

  • Sectioning clips: Use clips to divide your hair into manageable sections for easier application.

Prepping the Hair:

  • Start with dry hair, ideally unwashed. Dirty hair is OK!
  • Protect the skin: Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or a protective barrier cream around the hairline, ears, and neck to prevent potential irritation.

Mixing the Bond Protect and Bleaching Mixture:

  • Our recommended mix is 1 part bleach to 2 parts developer.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine the appropriate amount of Bond Protect with the bleaching powder and developer.
  • Mix thoroughly until you get that creamy, frothy mix.

Applying Bond Protect Bleach:

  • Divide your hair into sections using the sectioning clips.
  • If you are doing a full head bleach, starting from the back sections and working your way to the front, apply Brilliant Blondexx mix to each section of hair, ensuring complete coverage from roots to ends.
  • If you are doing a root application, then apply only on the regrowth area and wait until it has lifted and is almost done At this point you can extend to other parts that also need lifting. Wait until the whole head reaches one uniform consistent pale yellow color.
  • Take care to avoid overlapping the previously bleached sections, especially the ends in case they have been bleached and lightened before. Otherwise you could get breakage.

Processing Time and Monitoring:

  • The key with bleach is to us your eyes. Keep watching. Peel back a section using your brush to see what color it is at.
  • Bright yellow is not good. You need to aim for level 10.
  • The hair needs to be a very pale yellow, almost white like the inside of a banana.
  • See images below of hair that has been correctly bleached to level 10.
  • Rinse when done.

Rinse and Post-Bleaching Care:

  • After the processing time is complete, rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.
  • You can use Brilliant Blonde purple shampoo and mask at this point. That will help condition the hair and also get rid of any residual yellow.

Hair toning

  • After bleaching, it is time to tone. If the bleaching has been done properly all the way to level 10, you should use a toner.
  • Choose your toners from the toners below.
  • Blondify toners contain Bond Protect and are ammonia-free. 
  • Use a level 10 toner if your hair has really been bleached all the way. Otherwise use a level 9 toner.

Natural Ash Blonde

Natural Ash Blonde 10A     

Natural Violet blonde 10A

Natural Violet Blonde 10V       


Blue Ash Blonde 9B.         


Violet Blonde 9V

Post-Bleach Hair Care

Apply a post-bleaching treatment or mask to nourish and restore moisture to the hair.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively incorporate Bond Protect into your bleaching process, ensuring maximum protection and maintaining the health of your hair. Remember to always read and follow the instructions provided by the Bond Protect and bleaching product manufacturers for best results.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair after Bleaching & Toning


Brilliant Blondexx Shampoo & Mask - with Bond Protect

Post-Bleaching Care with Bond Protect

While Bond Protect plays a crucial role in protecting and strengthening the hair during the bleaching process, it is also important to provide proper care and maintenance after the bleaching is complete.

In this section, we will explore the essential steps and considerations for post-bleaching care with Bond Protect to ensure the longevity and health of your bleached hair. So follow these recommendations:

  • Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner: Opt for sulfate-free and acidic products whenevr possible. We particularly recommend Brilliant Blondexx shampoo and mask. It has been specifically formulated for bleached hair and it contains concentrated amounts of Bond Protect. These products will help make the hair thicker and stronger as well as close the cucticles after the bleach process.
  • Limit heat styling: Excessive heat can further damage bleached hair. Minimize the use of heat styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. If heat styling is necessary, always apply a heat protectant spray beforehand.
  • Avoid harsh hair treatments: Refrain from undergoing chemical treatments, such as relaxing or perming, immediately after bleaching. These treatments can further weaken the hair and lead to breakage.
  • Trim regularly: Schedule regular trims to remove any split ends or damaged hair. This will help to maintain the overall health and appearance of your bleached hair.


By following these post-bleaching care tips and incorporating Bond Protect products into your hair bleaching, hair toning and hair care routine, you can help to maintain the health, strength, and vibrancy of your bleached hair. Remember, consistency and proper care are key to achieving beautiful and long-lasting results.

About the author

Sally has been a hair colorist and trainer for many years in both the US & Europe. She currently does hair color training for Ugly Duckling. She also helps develop new & awesome products for the brand.

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