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How to get White Platinum Blonde Hair

A simple 3-step technique which gets you that White Platinum Blonde Look!

7 blue-based toners every hair colorist should know how to use

Discover the art of hair toning with our essential guide to 7 blue-based toners that every hair colorist should master. Elevate your craft and create breathtaking hair transformations with these indispensable toning solutions.

How do you bleach your hair without damaging it?

Learn how to bleaching hair safely: a comprehensive guide for hairdressers and home colorists

How to tone red and orange hair brown or dark blonde

Discover the art of toning red or orange hair away into stunning brown shades.

How to fix orange hair with level 9 toners

Learn which toners to use to cover and tone over orange hair - no bleach.

Bleach bath recipe for hair

Bleach bath your way to icy white blonde hair

What does a green toner do to the hair?

Learn how using green toners can help you cancel red

How to bleach black hair blonde: a comprehensive guide for hairdressers: 

Some tips for bleaching black hair all the way to blonde

How to choose the right color developer

How to Choose the Right Developer for Color, Toner or Bleach

How to get & maintain ash blonde hair: a complete guide for colorists

ash blonde from yellow

Toners for Yellow Hair: How to Choose and Use Them Effectively

Learn how to choose the right toner for your hair

Ugly Duckling Launches New Blondify Toners

New level 9 toners are ammonia-free and PPD-free

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