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How to get White Platinum Blonde Hair


What exactly is Platinum Blonde?

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde Level 10

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde that occurs naturally - in some very lucky people.

And it has the highest amount of white possible.

Tt the same time it has just enough natural yellow to look totally natural.

There's no grey in it, and there's no pearl in it. Just level 10 blonde.

It's really no wonder that it is so much desired by celebrities and all women who want to look good.

Getting hair to white platinum blonde is possible

It is absolutely possible to achieve this result. Even if your starting point is a black regrowth and a lot of yellow hair.

In this article, we are going to take a real live case of a client who had exactly that.

In this article, we will show show you exactly what we did.

So that you can do it too.

And succeed in your white platinum blonde transformations.

What you will need

Here is a list of the products that we used:

Brilliant Blondexx Bleach

100 High Lift Blonde or 100.30 High Lift Intense Golden Blonde

010V Blondify Natural Violet Blonde toner (2 bottles)

10 and 20 Vol Developer

Brilliant Blondexx Shampoo and Mask.

Step One: Apply your bleach & developer to the roots and to the yellow

Yellow hair with a dark root


Make your bleach and developer mix in a mixing bowl and use a whisk to get a really smooth mix.

The choice of the developer will depend on the lift that you need to achieve and the quality of the bleach that you are using.

Either 10 or 20 Vol would be appropriate choices:

Since we are applying primarily on the regrowth area, the bleach is going to be processing on top of the scalp and will get plenty of heat from the head.

Bleach mix

Creamy bleach mix using Brilliant Blondexx & 10 Vol developerStep Two: Pre-tone with your High Lift Color 

Step Two: Pre-tone with your high lift color

The chances are than even after one bleaching the hair will not be a perfectly uniform, even canvas.

It will be patchy, with some parts more yellow than others.

If you are serious about getting to white platinum blonde, you will need to pre-tone.

Prepare the hair some more before it receives the toner, in other words.

For this we use Ugly Duckling 100.30, which is a gold based intense blonde color.

You can also use Ugly Duckling 100, which is high lift pure blonde.

For the pre-toning we use 10 Vol developer only.

Pre-toning will allow us to get the hair to an absolutely even level 10 color with no patches.

And using the high-lift color will is a great preparation for the purple based toner that is going to follow.

It will add depth and long lastingness and richness to the final color result.

Step Three: Tone with Blondify 010V

Hair toned with Blondofy 010V

Blondify 010V toner processing on the hair

Now comes the toning part. For this we use Blondify liquid gel toner.

We are using Natural Violet Blonde, which is a level 10 purple-based toner.

It's our go-to toner for the Platinum Blonde look.

We mix 2 mini bottles of this with our 10 Vol developer in a 1+1 mix.

We apply quickly over.

We then rub into the hair with our fingers (using gloves).

We do this very thoroughly to make sure that the hair is saturated with the toning pigment at point.

You will notice that the hair turns blue and green while the toner is processing on the hair.

Don't get scared. That is totally normal and is the way in which a good toner works.

Step Four: Brilliant Blondexx shampoo and mask.

The last products we use are Brilliant Blondexx shampoo and mask.

These products are made with Bond Protect and they will ensure that the hair is returned to its natural acidity.

The hair also gets strengthened from within at the molecular level, as well as conditioned with Argan Oil and other conditioning elements.

Taking care of blonde hair after bleaching and toning is really really important and we encourage you to take it seriously.

The Final Result

Final Toned Result

The Final Result - bleached, pre-toned and then toned.


Hair by Ashley Betancourt

About the author

Sally has been a hair colorist and trainer for many years in both the US & Europe. She currently does hair color training for Ugly Duckling. She also helps develop new & awesome products for the brand.

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