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How to Tone Yellow Hair to Ash


How do you get rid of the yellow from your blonde hair?

Have you just bleached your hair - but it's still too yellow?

Today, we are going to show you why hair turns yellow, brassy or warm in the first place.

And what you can do to correct it.

Why does blonde hair go yellow?

When you bleach the hair or otherwise lift its level, you will get left with an undercoat.

This is a natural color that your hair produces.

Depending on the level of the hair, this undercoat can be anything from orange all the way to pale yellow.

In order to correct for it, we are going to need to use blue and purple based toners.

Hair Levels

How yellow is your hair? And what level are you?

2 Different Ways to Tone Your Hair

There are in fact 2 different toning technologies that we're going to talk about today to deal with yellownesss and brassiness:

Permanent toners and demi-permanent toners.

Both techniques involves re-pigmenting the yellow or yellow-orange with blue, ash and purple based pigments.

Both are very effective and will dramatically reduce yellowness in blonde hair.

Which technology you use will depend on where your hair is currently and what your exact hair goals are.

Read on...


First Way to Tone Yellow to Ash: Permanent toners

The first way to tone your hair from yellow to ash is to use one of Ugly Duckling's permanent toners.

These toners are very fast acting.

They are especially useful when the hair is very very brassy. 

And when you are looking to lift all the hair from roots to ends.

These toners contain some degree of lift as well as pigmentation.

They are known to be some of the most effective toners on the market.

They are what you need to use if you are looking for a wholesale transformation from roots to ends.

What are Permanent Toners?

Permanent toners contain some ammonia to open up the cuticle and toner from the inside.

They are used with developer - typically 20 Vol developer.

Their development time is around 20 minutes, and you need to rinse them as soon as you get the color result you are targeting.

They will lift out all the yellow from your hair and give you stunning white, pearl blonde results.

See pictures below to see these toners in action.

Yellow hair when wet after bleaching

Yellow hair when towel dried

Processing with Pearl Blonde Toner

Toned, pearl blonde hair - no yellow


Second Way To Tone Yellow Hair to Ash: Using a Demi-Permanent Toner

The second way to tone involves using demi-permanent toners.

These toners don't contain ammonia.

And they typically don't lift.

But they do contain a lot of blue, purple and ash pigments.

We would recommend that you go for these toners when you want to get rid of yellow, but are looking for a less dramatic, more "normal" ash blonde makeover.

Also, consider using these toners when you have dark roots or lowlights that you absolutely don't want to touch or lift.

They can be used with developer strength as low as 10 Vol. In just 10 minutes of processing time.

They are liquid toners. So just mix them in an applicator bottle and pour over the hair.

Rub in thoroughly. Process 10 minutes. Then rinse.

What are Demi-Permanent Toners?

Ugly Duckling's demi-permanent range is called Blondify.

They are ammonia free and come in liquid form.

Although they don't contain any lift, don't be fooled by the word "demi".

They are extremely well pigmented.

Use the Natural Ash Blonde when the hair is yellow bordering on yellow-orange.

The ash will cut out this yellow orange and you will get a nice, natural ash blonde result.

Alternatively, if the hair is a little lighter in level, and is showing pure yellow, then use Natural Violet Blonde.

The purple pigments will neutralize the yellow.

See the process shots below of the Natural Ash Blonde toner being used:

Wet Hair with Yellow

Application of Demi-Permanment Toner with 10 Vol

After - Ash Blonde Hair

So Should I Use a Demi-Permanent or a Permanent Toner to Get Rid of My Yellow?

So, blonde transformation and a pearl blonde look?

Or a more natural refresh taking your hair to an ash blonde?

Just read off this chart below in order to make your toner choice.

And remember, whichever toner you use, you will be able to get rid of that yellow from your blonde hair!

Which toner to use

About the author

Sally has been a hair colorist and trainer for many years in both the US & Europe. She currently does hair color training for Ugly Duckling. She also helps develop new & awesome products for the brand.

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