Ash Grey Additive



  • Vivid color reflects, long lasting shine.
  • Green based ash color will neutralize brassiness.
  • Visibly improved hair condition and softness thanks to Argan Oil.
  • Low ammonia, pleasant floral fragrance.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Paraben free.
  • Extra large 3.5 oz tube.
  • For professional use.

For best color results with Ugly Duckling Ash Grey Additive, follow instructions below:

For toning hair silver or grey:

  • Pre-lighten the hair to a level 9 or 10 using Brilliant Blonde and a suitable developer.
  • Process and rinse.
  • Apply Ash Grey Additive with 10 Vol or 20 Vol developer. It can also be mixed with another grey or blonde color.
  • Mix 1:1 with developer.
  • Development time: 30 minutes without heat, 20 minutes with heat.
  • Emulsify and wash with a mild shampoo.

For neutralizing warm tones:

  • Mix in with any shade applied. The additive will pull the hair towards ash and neutralize unwanted orange.

What is Ash Grey Additive?

Ash Grey Additive is a color additive from Ugly Duckling. It can be used to tone hair quickly towards silver/ash/grey. 

Like all Ugly Duckling hair colors, Ash Grey Additive contains Argan oil to make sure that the hair not only gets vibrant color but also softness and shine.

What results will Ash Grey Additive give?

Ugly Duckling Ash Grey Additive can be used with other Ugly Duckling grey hair colors or by itself to tone hair silver, ash or grey. For such uses, the hair needs to be pre-lightened to a level 9 or 10.

Ugly Duckling Ash Grey Additive can also be used on darker bases to neutralize warm tones. It is best applied on colors level 6 and darker. Just mix in with whatever color you are using to "cool" your color and neutralize unwanted orange or yellow in the hair.

Can I apply Ash Grey Additive on my grey-haired customers?

Yes you can. But you do need to pre-lighten the hair to a level 9/10 first.

What will be the Condition of my Hair after Coloring with Ash Grey Additive?

The hair will be conditioned as well as colored, and will be fuller, or plumper after coloring. Ash Grey Additive has low ammonia content and no parabens, and is designed to respect the natural quality of the hair.

How will Ash Grey Additive look like on my hair?

Ash Grey is a color additive and can be used in different ways. Depending on the level of the hair, it will either turn hair silver and grey (at levels 9-10) or neutralize warm tones (on level 8 and darker). 

How do I use Ash Grey Additive?

Just mix in with your regular color to push the hair towards ash grey. If you are going for a grey look, it is recommended that you use this with one of the Ugly Duckling grey hair colors.