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Home Blog Using Blondify Ammonia Free Liquid Toner on Hair Extensions - & On Dark Hair

Using Blondify Ammonia Free Liquid Toner on Hair Extensions - & On Dark Hair


Do you get clients requesting blonde hair extensions? Hair extensions are really big these days in salons, and every hairstylist needs to learn how to put them in. And in most cases, we need to color them blonde.

In this blog we are going to learn how to bleach & tone dark hair blonde. And put in matching hair extensions which we are going to tone also.

Finding suitable toners which work on hair extensions used to be a nightmare. Until recently - when we launched Blondify.

The new toner from Ugly Duckling ideal for hair extensions. It's also ideal for toning highlights on dark hair without touching the base. It is a liquid toner, ammonia free & it does not lift the base when used with low volume developer s(7 and 10 Vol).

Step One: Bleach the Dark Regrowth

The first step is to lift the rather dark regrowth. We are going to use Brilliant Blonde - which is made for dark bases - together with 20 Vol developer. We are going to use foil.

Remember when applying bleach to make the mixture fairly liquid (1 part bleach + 2 parts developer). That will allow us to work fast & also to fully saturate the hair as we apply.

Bleaching hair using foil

Use bleach & foil

Step Two: Tone Full Head with Blondify

After getting the highlighted areas up to a level 9 (pale yellow) we rinse. Then we apply Blondify to the whole head. We are using 10 Vol, in a 1+1 ratio.

The great thing about Blondify liquid toner is that it tones the highlighted parts without touching the dark base. So you don't end up with orange and yellow-orange tones unnecessarily.

Toning Dark Highlighted Hair with Blondify Liquid Toner

Toning Dark Highlighted Hair with Blondify

Step Three: Tone Extensions with Blondify

After you have rinsed the client's hair, use the same toner & developer combination on the blonde extensions. This will get rid of the yellowness of the extensions and make them ash blonde.

Toning Hair Extensions

Toning Hair Extensions

Step Four: Tape in the Extensions

Now you can tape in the extensions. Here is the final result:

Notice that we haven't lifted the base in any way. We kept that part dark even though we did apply toner on that area.

And as for the extensions, they match the length perfectly.

Final Result - Toned Blonde Hair


Hair by Ashley Betancourt

About the author

Sally has been a hair colorist and trainer for many years in both the US & Europe. She currently does hair color training for Ugly Duckling. She also helps develop new & awesome products for the brand.

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